Are You Ready for Windows 10…..Free?

There appear to be a few reasons for excitement about Microsoft’s latest operating system version, Windows 10. Not the least of which: you can probably get it for free! That’s right, free. Anyone currently using a valid copy of Windows 7 or 8.1 is entitled to a free download of Windows 10 for […]

HIPAA Compliance: The Importance of Ongoing Training and Awareness

As most Covered Entities (CE’s) are now aware, when it comes to securing Patient Health Information (PHI) in the context of HIPAA compliance, it’s not enough to just develop a policy or procedure, put it in place and then forget it. These safeguards must be revisited, revised and re-implemented in many cases in order to […]

CryptoLocker Still Plaguing Businesses

Please be advised that we have observed several “RansomWare” security incidents in recent weeks.

RansomWare is software that attempts to extort money from the owner of the computer, usually by doing something malicious such as encrypting important documents so that they’re unusable, and then demanding money to have them decrypted. One program named “CryptoLocker” has been […]

Managing Server Disk Space

When a new server is shipped, it usually comes with a predetermined hard drive configuration installed by the vendor. This setup often includes installing the operating system on hard drives that have been partitioned. Unfortunately, the partition allocated for the system partition, or “C” drive, is usually too small to allow for growth […]

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HIPAA Compliance

As with many things in life, HIPAA compliance is more a journey than a destination.  Even once you’ve done the hard work of evaluating your practice for vulnerabilities, mitigating the risks, and documenting the whole process, it’s not enough to just put a stamp on your practice that says “Compliant” and call it a day.  […]

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5 things you can do to speed up your computer

Have you noticed your computer has gotten slower over time?  When you bought it a year or two ago it was so much faster than your old one, but lately it’s been taking  just a little too long to open Microsoft Word, or to pull up your home page in your internet browser, right?  Before […]

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What is the difference between my hard drive and memory?

Q: What is the difference between my hard drive and memory?:  An analogous explanation of your computer components.
When talking with clients, one of the problems we often have as techs is explaining arcane technical details in a way that the client understands them. That’s because we speak in a different language; geek!  When we are […]

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How to deploy an Antivirus Solution in your network environment

As long as computers have been in the mainstream, there have been viruses created to steal data or cause havoc.  So, to battle the threat viruses pose to our technology, we have created antivirus software.  The purpose of antivirus software has evolved over time; from just wiping a virus off of a computer to fully […]

Why Password Complexity is Important to Security

One of the easiest and most important things anyone can do to secure their computers and the data it houses is to use a complex, or strong, password. Complex passwords should follow these guidelines:

They should not contain all or part of the user’s account name
Be at least eight characters in length
Contain characters from three of […]

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Why a UPS is Not Optional

It should be no surprise that power outages happen, whether it’s the result of human error, a hiccup from your electrical provider or from a natural disaster. Power outages can wreak havoc on a business and can even shut the business down for hours or days.

That’s one reason that businesses need to invest in a […]

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