Acclaim Networks holds WatchGuard’s highest reseller designation, Expert Partner. This means the experience we’ve received, the certifications we hold, and the pricing we can pass along to our clients are second-to-none. Whether you need help installing a new firewall, creating branch office VPN’s between existing firewalls, enforcing data loss prevention policies, or synchronizing all your LiveSecurity renewals to a single annual date, Acclaim can help you get the most out of your WatchGuard investment.

Since 1996, WatchGuard has provided reliable, easy to manage security appliances to hundreds of thousands of businesses worldwide.

Extensible Threat Management – XTM Security Appliances
The XTM family of network security appliances is a new class of performance-driven solutions. Blazing fast throughput combines with advanced networking features to handle high-volume traffic securely – and at an affordable price. Includes a suite of flexible management tools that allows IT administrators to manage security through an intuitive centralized console, command line interface, and web UI.
>XTM (XTM 2050 and XTM 1050)
>XTM (XTM 2520 and XTM 1500)
>XTM 800 Series (XTM 850, XTM 860, XTM 870/87-F
>XTM 8 Series (
XTM 810, XTM 820, XTM 830)
>XTM 5 Series (XTM 515, XTM 525, XTM 535, XTM 545)
>XTM 3 Series (
XTM 330, XTM 33, XTM 33-w) >>Wireless models also available in XTM 3 Series.
>NEW! XTM 25,26 (XTM 25, XTM 26) >> Also available in Wireless.

Extensible Content Security – XCS Appliances
WatchGuard XCS (Extensible Content Security) solutions, deliver the industry’s most effective defense-in-depth spam and malware security for email, web and data loss prevention. These easy-to-use, all-in-one solutions offer the most effective defense from email and web-based threats including spam, viruses, malware, URL filtering, blended threats, spyware and network attacks. Choose from six different models to suit the unique messaging security requirements ranging from small business to the most demanding enterprise email and web networks.
>XCS 170 — up to 250 users
>XCS 370 — up to 500 users
>XCS 570 — up to 1000 users
>XCS 770 — up to 4000 users
>XCS 970 — up to 7000 users
> XCS 1170   — up to 10000

WatchGuard SSL 100 VPN Appliance
The WatchGuard® SSL 100 is an affordable, easy-to-use, secure remote access solution providing reliable client and clientless connectivity to corporate data and resources, such as email, file shares and CRM. This all-in-one appliance offers the flexibility to provide basic access to networks with an auto-loading client, as well as more sophisticated access to web-based resources and non-native applications including SSH and RDP. The SSL 100 appliances offer advanced security features including integrated strong authentication and rich endpoint integrity checking. Desktop sharing features allow your helpdesk to fix a remote employee’s computer problems, so users stay productive from anywhere, anytime.

Watchguard 2 series firewalls

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