For Internet and VPN security, Acclaim Networks recommends a hardware firewall solution. A firewall is used to prevent unauthorized access to your network, and is the front line of defense against viruses, worms, Trojan Horse attacks and hackers. Easily installed into your existing network, the firewall simply plugs in at the Internet connection of each of your offices to implement your chosen security policies and protection. Firewalls add a crucial safety element between your valuable computer systems and unwanted elements, and will reduce the risk that your network can be compromised.

Employing firewall solutions from vendors like WatchGuard, Cisco, and Barracuda can help your business:

  • Control incoming and outgoing traffic between the Internet and your protected networks
  • Hide your internal IP addresses from the external network
  • Control User Authentication
  • Configure access rules by user or group
  • Secure communication tunnels for remote users/Branch Office VPN
  • Filter by user, group, time-of-day or content category
  • Generate reports to show user network activity
  • Create secure wireless connectivity for your office LAN and segregated¬†wireless networks for visitors

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Key Benefits

Network Security
Multi-office Connectivity
Zero-day Threat Protection
AntiVirus at the Gateway
Wireless Connectivity
Content Filtering
Advanced Traffic Reporting