Viruses and spam are an ever-growing concern for businesses that are dependent on e-mail, Internet access or network up-time. Recent virus outbreaks have brought companies to their knees as the viruses consumed bandwidth, brought workstations and servers to a grinding halt, or worse, deleted important company files. The proliferation of spam can cause wasted time, security risks, and flat-out embarrassment with some of its off-color content.

Our certified technicians work with hardware, software and cloud hosted products from vendors like WatchGuard, Symantec, McAfee, GFI, Barracuda and Cisco to prevent the proliferation of these threats. With this variety of options, we can tailor the protection to your specific business needs. Once your custom solution is deployed, we can also create a schedule for automatically installing updated virus definitions and help to educate your user community on how to avoid being affected.

Fighting spam and viruses head-on is an integral part of any network security plan. If your employees access the Internet or send/receive email, they’re exposed to a host of undesirable elements.

Please call today to find out how to protect your network with our AntiVirus and AntiSpam services.

Key Benefits

Reduced Downtime
Automatic Updates
Affordable Protection
Enhanced Data Security
No More Embarrasing Emails