Cloud Services

It’s hard to turn on the television, open a magazine or surf the web for more than 5 minutes without hearing about companies doing business “in the Cloud”. There’s a reason for that. The current economic downturn has put pressure on many corporations to cut costs and to do more with less. Cloud computing’s typical pay-as-you-go model offers the immediate opportunity to gain some easy wins by moving a variety of commodity business applications to the cloud. Because of the savings, simplification and flexibility that Cloud services have proven to offer, more and more business are choosing Cloud solutions for key parts of their business. Whether it’s having a remote backup and disaster recovery solution, online Exchange and email hosting, or a full-blown private cloud implementation to host your entire network infrastructure, there are potential benefits worth spending the time to investigate.

Remote Backup and Disaster Recovery– Complete backup, disaster recovery and business continuance solution using: 1. An on-premises appliance for quick local backup and restores. 2. A remote copy of the data stored in the cloud at a secure, redundant remote location. 3. The ability to fail over to the local appliance if your server dies, or fail over to a copy of your servers in the cloud in case of a local disaster. Your company never has to be without its data again!

Hosted Exchange – Now you can reap all the benefits of giving your employees access to the advanced Microsoft Exchange platform without all the upfront investment in hardware, software, license and installation costs associated with implementing it yourself. Plus, you’ll have the ability to connect to your email from anywhere, any time. Optional add-ons like email encryption for compliance mandates (HIPAA, PCI, SOX) support for Blackberry and other mobile devices, Sharepoint services, and fax via email give you the ability to do more with your email and communications than you ever thought possible.

Private Cloud Infrastructure – Build a redundant, secure, and available infrastructure for your company in the cloud. Secure data centers with redundant power, cooling and internet connectivity. Automatic backup of the data on your virtual servers. Availability to connect from anywhere that your employees have access to the internet. No upfront cost for server hardware, licensing or implementation. Nothing to manage besides the additional sales coming your way as you free up your time to deal with what’s really important to your business. Private cloud implementations take the guesswork and uncertainty out of building your network infrastructure from the ground up. Pay as you grow services that fit your needs today, and tomorrow.