For many years, Acclaim Networks has supported the IT network technology needs of dentists, orthodontists, and oral surgeons in the Dallas and Ft Worth area. We provide the computer hardware, services and support for practice management applications like Dentrix (support for G5 upgrade now available), Eaglesoft, Easy Dental, SoftDent, OMS PracticeWorks, Dolphin, Windent, Vista Dent and others, that interface with digital x-ray machines, digital imaging machines and image capture devices in modern offices. If you”re tired of waiting for the manufacturer to install upgrades or call you back for support, give us a call. We”ll make sure your IT infrastructure is compatible with your application and associated devices, and our technicians can help install practice management software from scratch, upgrade you to the latest version of the software you”re already using, or consult with you about networking multiple offices together. We can also provide all the computer hardware necessary to meet or exceed manufacturer specs.

Health Care
Acclaim Networks also provides network expertise for health care providers, integrating all aspects of the digital practice, from tablet pc’s, to imaging and x-ray data, to the server that houses the Electronic Health Records (EHR), and the firewall and antivirus software that protect it all. As a HIPAA / HITECH-defined Business Associate, we have taken steps to become a HIPAA compliant provider that will sign your Business Associate agreement to help keep your practice in compliance as well.

These capabilities allow Acclaim Networks to deliver the end-to-end technology products, integration and support required to create and manage the HIPAA-compliant digital networks that run modern practices.

Whether you’re setting up your office from scratch, taking an existing office from paper workflow to digital, moving your current practice to a new location, or expanding a single office to multiple locations, click here to access our contact form or call Acclaim Networks today for the expert assistance you need to make the transition.

Services for Dental & Health Care Practices